Making Policy: A Guide to How the Federal Government Works


The Government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

This 80-page Guide provides an up-to-date expert briefing on the federal government of Canada.

Diagrams, text and cartoons are combined to describe in a reader-friendly format its organization, powers, inputs, deliberations, outputs ...and the inevitable competition and collaboration for power, policy choices and funding and in the federal ‘marketplace’.

The description follows the
 process of policy making and implementation, from the political origins of a prime minister’s agenda to; Cabinet consideration and decision-making, lobbying, formulating the Budget, developing new legislation, implementation by departments, communications, and interpretation by the courts. Suggestions are provided on how to access and influence policy making at each stage

The Guide is based on forty years of work by the author, Glen Milne, as a policy and strategy consultant to the Privy Council Office, Prime Minister Trudeau, central agencies and departments, the Canadian Forces, business and voluntary organizations, and other external well as feedback from a few hundred training workshops on How Government Works for federal public servants, new members of Parliament, university courses, aboriginal governments, and external stakeholders in every sector.

A main ingredient of the Guide are its ‘visual thinking’ charts. This chart is perhaps the most popular. Dozens of lobbyists, academic experts and senior government officials across Canada have a large version of this chart on their office wall (buy yours online right here).

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Other charts in the Guide illustrate;

  • The levels of Government in Canada;
  • The origins and organization of the Government of Canada
  • The federal policy marketplace
  • The potential roles of government in society

  • The origins of policy
  • The policy process
  • Demographic policy options
  • Cabinet and its committees
  • Central and common service agencies

  • A typical federal department
  • The annual planning cycle
  • Cabinet documents system and process
  • The legislative process
  • The interiors of the House of Commons and Senate.
  • Federal and national system of courts